A trustworthy accent

It is said the Scottish accent is one of the most trustworthy sounding accents around. Not sure how much of an asset it is going to be here in Vietnam. Time will tell.

Certainly I have decided not to become an English teacher here. I know quite a few and many seem to spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about how shit it is.

Delicious street food in Hanoi, Vietnam

Delicious street food

I previously dabbled with the idea but subsequently realised I didn’t want to be cooped up in a classroom with a bunch of hyperactive schoolchildren. One friend who landed a teaching gig in a public school had to ‘teach’ to classes of up to 60 children along with one Vietnamese teaching assistant.

By his own admission he was more crowd control officer than English teacher. The only hope of teaching under these circumstances was to divide the class into groups, throw as much English as possible at them and hope some of it stuck. He has now returned home.

Another teacher of my acquaintance says his secret is to organise all his classes like a game show. It seems to work.

It is clear that Vietnamese parents want their kids to speak like a BBC newsreader or have an American accent. That said, I know a number of Scottish English teachers teaching English English, if you follow my drift.

My cunning plan though would not be to teach English here in Vietnam but rather in Poland where there is a much stronger case for learning English with a Scottish accent. Maybe I am onto something…


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