Western cavemen found in Vietnam

So what is it like being a clunky Western woman in a country full of tiny, smiling, cute women?

After the minor fire storm that sparked up last Friday over the blog post about dating mature Vietnamese women, is it possible that some Western females have a chip on their shoulder?

Banksy caveman

It is time to ask around and find out. In order to protect these Tay women from trolls I have changed their names.

Sarah confided: “I have been here for a year and it does take some time getting used to the culture and people. If I am totally honest, yes, I do often feel like a cart horse when I am around Vietnamese women. They are so tiny and graceful. I feel so clumsy in comparison.

A Clydesdale mare

A Clydesdale mare

“The flip side of the coin, of course, is being blonde with real boobs you do attract a lot of attention from Vietnamese men. But it’s not always particularly welcome. Especially when they stare at your chest the whole time. I guess they are only used to chicken fillets and padding.
“Western men, meanwhile, tend to go around ogling Vietnamese women the whole time. It feels like women from back home in England hardly get a look in. It’s disgusting the way Western men go around with their tongues hanging out all the time.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Maria. She told Ha Noi Scribbles: “Threatened? No, maybe uncomfortable sometimes. Perhaps even a bit jealous on occasion.

“I probably do feel slightly ungainly, but I can’t change the way I am. Many Western men are on a mission when it comes to Vietnamese women, but they don’t float everyone’s boat. Some men still like something to get hold of, a few curves. And you aren’t really going to get that with most Vietnamese women are you?

“If they [Western men] are a boob man they are in for a disappointment. Under all that padded bra it’s usually two fried eggs. I know. I have been at a spa.”

The final word, however, goes to Karin: “I have lived here for a number of years. Vietnamese women are lovely. I have no problem with them at all. It’s fat, lazy Western guys who have the problem coming here with a caseload of expectations and misconceptions. With a few notable exceptions they are lowlife knuckle draggers with only one thing on their mind. Age is irrelevant. Whether they are in their twenties or in the midst of a midlife crisis, they are all the same ultimately – full of promises and bullshit.”

So there you have it. Men are mostly greasy, sex-obsessed Neanderthals (or maybe that should be Homo Erectus?). Who would have guessed?


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