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The red mist balloon

A few days ago I got to practise what I preach when my phone was stolen from my bag while travelling on a crowded No.31 bus. Namely, the red balloon.

Instead of getting mad or even, picture a red balloon. The red balloon is your anger and frustration.

By Renato Ganoza from 郑州, 中国 (DSC_9655 Uploaded by Dcoetzee) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By Renato Ganoza

You are holding the red balloon by a piece of string. Next, you count down from ten then let go of the string. As you watch the balloon float away so does your anger and upset. Watch the balloon disappear from view and with it feel a sense of calm coming over from you. Your anger and negative feelings have gone.

Fortunately, the phone that got lifted from my bag (due to my own complacency) was a nasty, cheap Android handset I only ever used for local calls and texts. I have the contacts backed up, there were no photos on it, and only about 50k VND of credit left.

However, if it had been my trusty old iPhone 4, which was also in the bag, I am not sure the red balloon would have worked. This I use for everything else such as Wi-Fi and photographs. And a lot of my life is on there too. I regularly back up onto iCloud. But still, it is quite a thought to contemplate had my iPhone disappeared instead.

The Android by comparison was a phone I never loved. It was a hateful lump of plastic I bought in Australia and later had unlocked for eight Fijian dollars. There was little to commend it. Either I have incredibly stubby fingers or that phone just wasn’t very tactile.

Presumably, the SIM card that was in it has now been replaced. Not that there will be much resale value I would think. It looked tatty and had a four figure PIN code in place to unlock it. There is little likelihood of the code being guessed at. No doubt the type of people who deal in stolen phones have a workaround though.

Ironically, the lock screen image is the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team in mid Haka. Given that this is a traditional Maori challenge – go for it Mr Phone Fence.

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