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Level vibes – are they too much to ask for?

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s my age. But I appear to be getting less tolerant the older I get.

Not of people per se. Rather self-serving, narcissistic, axe grinders with borderline mental health issues. Fortunately none of the people I know face to face act like this. It tends to be strangers online.  And Facebook in particular where these trolls sit in sanctimonious judgement of others and fill cyberspace with their negative po-faced comments.

Knives are out

Sharpening their knives

I am a member of just such a group in Hanoi, more through necessity than choice. And what a cesspit it ís.

A small number of usual suspects sit poised to leap with their barbs. What bitter and empty lives they must lead. Their last truly creative output was when they farted.

I like a bit of banter as much as the next person. But there is having some craic and just being plain nasty for the sake of it.  If any of these people are reading this – and I doubt they will since I gave up on Hanoi Massive weeks ago – improve your web-side manner. Or do us all a favour and keep your resentment and arrogance to yourself.

Dispensing your venom does no-one any favours. Least of all the authors who evidently get some kind of kick out their antics. All their warped comments do is betray their own low self-esteem. It is classic self-empowerment by doing down others.

So before you have a go at someone online, think about how your comment reflects on you. And how it might be construed. If you can’t say something positive about an individual maybe you should just keep quiet. Flame wars are never pretty or make for good reading.

To avoid coming across as a complete bell end, then, choose your words carefully to avoid people getting the wrong end of the stick. Like just then.

Humour doesn’t travel well and neither do idioms. It is nice to be nice. If you don’t subscribe to the idea of constructive criticism, maybe your silence will speak more powerfully. Just a thought.

Is this sour grapes? No, not at all. He who lives by the pen dies by the pen.

Do you agree? Let me know now

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