A moving experience in Viet Nam

They say bereavement, divorce and moving house are the three most stressful things you will face in your life.

This week it has been confined to moving house. And that was quite enough to be dealing with.

Heavily laden motorbike in Ha Noi, Vietnam

Balance is all

Leaving aside the process of deciding to move on (for various reasons) and finding somewhere suitable to relocate to, there is the gradual realisation as the moving date arrives about quite how much stuff you have accumulated.

With a sense of awe it slowly dawns that this is going to be a bigger undertaking than actually travelling half way round the world to get to Viet Nam in the the first place. After some light editing of possessions, my move involved a rucksack and daysack…and two large bundles that a Vietnamese friend helpfully bunjeed to her bike and delivered round to my new place.

The strange thing is I barely recall having bought anything extra. Apart from a few odds and ends. But still, the evidence was there as clear as day. No wonder then we see so many moving away sales posted online. Though I won’t be putting up for sale half used bottles of shampoo. Really?

Quite apart from the physical manifestation of upping sticks there is that dread moment of handing your key into the landlord and wondering how the ‘getting your deposit back’ scenario is going to play out. Thankfully, in my case, they are a couple of darlings. And I got it back less what I owed for electricity.

And because I was moving somewhere cheaper I now have a month’s rent sitting waiting. In theory anyway.

To be fair, and I am not blowing my own trumpet, I was a model tenant. We invariably had a little banter every day in my broken Vietnamese and I always made a point of having a wee yarn with their son who was keen to practice his English. Maybe I was just lucky with my landlords. But I would like to think that giving of myself a little bit helped too. You get back when you give out. It’s karma.

Having moved in to your new residence there is the slow process of getting things the way you like them. Figuring out the controls on your new cooker, getting connected to wifi and then going for a major shop because you had run down all your supplies prior to the big move. It all takes time to settle in.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go write down all the English language channels on the television.


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