Ten curious thoughts on Viet Nam

It’s been a while but here are ten more random thoughts, questions and observations on Vietnam that have been rattling around inside my head lately.

1) Could it be that no matter where you are you are never more than ten metres from someone with the surname Nguyen?

2) Everyone likes to give themselves an English name. Why haven’t I met a Nguyen who has chosen John?

country bride in Viet Nam

3) Why is it when you eavesdrop into a Vietnamese conversation the word Viet Nam always pops up?

4) ‘Delicious’ and ‘hometown’ are exceptionally popular English words among learners. Yes, I think so.

5) Maybe it is just me, but it seems the longer you stay here the longer you want to stay.

6) Could the introduction of the Noi Ba airport shuttle bus be the single biggest contribution to ensuring repeat tourism business? Until now one of the first experiences for many tourists was getting ripped off by their airport taxi driver.

7) Where do old Vietnamese ladies get those chunky handsets that are capable of kicking out music at 120 decibels?

8). People like to ask me what exercise I take, running or badminton? To be honest I am getting all the exercise I need walking around and going to the bus stop. I am just pleased to be able to do anything in this heat. Consistently Ha Noi is 20 degree warmer than my hometown.

9). There is a lot to be said for not being a miserable bastard or aloof. Some of the best times I have had here with Vietnamese people is when I have shown willingness to get involved and take part. I am a great believer in only getting out of life what you put in.

10). If you wished to eat dog, cat and rat would that be the order in which you would try them? Or would you get the rat out of the way first?


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