Things move on…

It’s time for an update on a couple of articles so here is a quick round up of what has moved on since March when Hà Nội Scribbles was launched.

Balloon sellers – I now have it on good authority that they do indeed lock their unsold inflated balloons in special cupboards overnight. So glad I have managed to clear that one up.

Fields in Vietnam

Beginner’s guide to drive by shooting – You end up with an inordinate number of pictures with xe máy in them shooting from a bus. It may be coincidence but I have had to clean the charging port on my iPhone. So watch out for dust when propping your phone up on the window frame.

Meanwhile, many thanks. Hà Nội Scribbles is now well on its way to hitting 8,000 views since March and is now being picked up by search engines.

When I launched the blog I initially aimed to update three times a week which I did for a number of weeks to get Hà Nội Scribbles established and find its voice.

It’s been fun but lately I have throttled back a little and confined myself to writing blog posts when I have something to say. The worst thing, IMHO, would be to give myself a rod for my back and then post fillers merely to keep to a schedule.

As with most everything what is more important is quality rather than quantity.

And now I am beginning to dry up so I will shut up.


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