Ga xe buýt on Flickr

Check out my Flickr photostream that’s dedicated to the pictures I take out the dirty windows of a moving Hanoi bus. Usually at night.

Shoppers with motorbike and helmets outside a shop in Hanoi

I wrote about this previously in a blog post where I coined (I strongly suspect) the term xe buýt-ography. My Flickr feed, then, is full of blurry yet colourful images that are raw and not always accessible; this latter being a polite expression for a bit crap. But go and have a look for yourself and make up your own mind.

This new feed is a work in progress as they say, and still a bit rough around the edges. Once I get the time and inclination I will polish it up. Normally I wouldn’t do this, I would wait until whatever I am working on is a bit more presentable. But given the subject matter maybe a touch of rawness is what is required.

Essentially each are snapshots in time; little plays taking place for just a split second. Others are more like textures or patterns. See what you think…


Do you agree? Let me know now

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