Colour me!

And so the exploration of the Pantone color chart continues at Hanoibus…

In addition to red, yellow and white buses, blue buses, orange buses, and green, white and light blue buses, (there may be more) we have now added three more colours to the mix.


Not on buses, I grant you, as they have evidently run out of them. The latest colour combination is being inflicted on the bus crews. I am no fashionista by any stretch of the imagination but even I would not team up a pink shirt with a maroon and blue jacket.

Plainly, this was end of line discounted stock, or there is an outrageously colour blind design team on board. It’s all gone a tad psychedelic either way. Even selecting kit in the dark from a supplier’s catalogue would not hit on this refreshing disregard for uniformity, branding or vision. On balance, Hanoibus should be applauded for bucking the corporate trend and going their own way however ad hoc it might appear to those outside of Hanoibus Towers HQ.

* That’s probably enough about buses for a while otherwise I will need to change the blog name to Hà Nộibus Scribbles


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