All change – a traveller’s tale

There’s no zealot like a convert. Having eschewed the likes of Uber and Grab until now in favour of the bus and chancing it with street-hailed taxis, I have finally got round to downloading an app onto my phone.

The final straw was a taxi driver supposedly taking us to our destination in the rush hour traffic. After a scenic tour I began to become suspicious of using Google Maps, he pulled over on a busy street and assured us it was 100 metres further along. Was it f*ck. It was at least half a kilometre and involved a rather hairy road junction to cross.

Bus passenger

From that moment on it has been Grab Bike or the bus. I have been impressed at the response time and the fact the balance is now tipped in favour of the passenger. The fare is agreed beforehand and the onus is on the driver to take the shortest, most efficient route. In return, the drivers pick up fares close to hand and are probably busier than might otherwise be the case. So it is a win-win all round.

Continuing the travel theme, I am watching in anticipation what happens next month when the BRT fares kick in. Until now we have been riding the BRT for free.

I can’t vouch for Vietnamese, but there has been precious little information in English about what is happening.

As far as I can tell from the Hanoibus website there are two options:

” (1) The Magnetic Ticket: including single journey ticket and On-day pass

(2) The smart pass including monthly ticket and Student smart pass.

Smart pass is new type of convenient ticket using modern technology.”

No idea where you get them or whether the existing 200k VND bus cards will be accepted*. ( I am expecting a big fat ‘Khong’ to that question.) Should be fun on day one when it is introduced that’s for sure. Factor in extra time for travelling that day.

* I have emailed Hanoibus for information. Will let you know when I get a response.


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