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Xe-buyt-mageddon running late

My predictions of bus-mageddon appear to have been wide of the mark thus far. The chaos hasn’t materialized yet but maybe that will be set to change on Monday (Feb 6) when the last remaining people shuffle their way back into work after Tet.

In the meantime, a seat on the bus was guaranteed, with only patchy numbers making the daily commute on Thursday and Friday.
Light streak on road.
I am, though, still puzzled about the ticketing system that has been proposed. At the time of writing, I am not seeing any scanners appearing. People sitting at turnstiles, yes, but machines to feed tickets into, not yet.

On a more positive note, while I haven’t had a reply to my Hanoibus email yet, the regular bus card I just dropped 200k on appears to get me waved onto the BRT. Let’s see how long that lasts.

The three bus epic seems to have settled down a bit too. It’s now a bearable 50-minute commute with not much hanging about along the way. Usually, it’s off the BRT and onto a waiting 22, only the connection with the 41 can require a five or ten-minute wait while getting gassed by the traffic. Only made one new friend on the buses to date.

So, business as usual on the buses. Except for the new driver on the 22 who is achingly slow, or ahead of schedule, compared to his buddies. Still, it could be worse. It could be on a motorbike dodging potholes and the unforgiving rear wheels of buses.

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