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Things that sound good

The reassuring “thunk” of a car door closing.
The expectant drip of a tap.
A cat purring.
The soft breathing of your significant other sleeping.

A cheery “Xin chao”!

The crunch of fresh snow underfoot.
The microwave ping telling you your food is hot.
Wind rustling the leaves in the trees as you walk along.

The curious noises your dog makes when you come home after a long time away.

Waves breaking gently on a sandy beach.
The descending scale of a shingle beach after a wave breaks.
Bird song on a country walk.
 moored boat sinking

The alert tone when your phone is fully charged.
Babies laughing.
The high pitched whistle of a boiling kettle.
Singing along to the Sắc Màu Phái Đẹp theme song when it comes on TV. Ditto with the Nuti Nuti ngon mà lý TV advert.
The singing cows on the milk advert.

Bing bong. Especially if it is your flight departure being announced.
The ‘thwutt, thwutt’ of a fan on a hot day.
Heavy rain slamming into a window.
Speaking volumes without saying a word.
Water filling a bath.

Closing the door on a hard day at work.

Hearing familiar footsteps on the stairs.
Hearing an accent you love but not paying attention to what is being said.
An axe splitting logs for the fire.

The roar of the crowd when your football team scores a goal.
The collective groan when they concede a stupid goal.  The heartfelt sigh of resignation when your team misses when it would have been easier to score.
The snapping sound when you share chocolate.
Dropping a rock from height into a deep, mirror-smooth pond.

The non-Ninja crunch of twigs as you try to creep through the woods.
The unmistakable throbbing sound of a petrol V8 engine firing into life.
That unique whining shriek of a classic Saab 900 accelerating hard.
The squeaky sound of an old Land Rover rear door closing.

An old Apple Mac booting up.
A Windows computer shutting down for the night.
I am done.
Four more senses to go.

Watch this awesome vid. Who would have guessed?

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