First birthday!

Today marks the first anniversary of Hà Nội Scribbles. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. We hit over 10,000 views last month, so I guess that is good going for a blog that has been fairly sporadic at times and not heavily promoted. Or at all, really.

I decided a while back that I was writing this blog for me. If anyone else liked my ramblings and observations then that was a bonus.

Hanoi at night

Blogs usually have a theme. This one, though, has been as focused as I am, which isn’t very. If there is a pattern emerging it’s mainly one about the Hanoi bus network. Otherwise blog posts can be about anything that takes my fancy – random thoughts, things that sound good or my personal insights into living in Hanoi.

One thing that runs through it all is subjectivity. Hà Nội Scribbles is a snapshot of whatever I am thinking at a particular point in time. I have never made any claims to objectivity or even commonsense. Hopefully, along the way, I have entertained you and cracked a few wee jokes.

Here’s to the next 12 months. Whatever that may bring.


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