Things that feel/taste good

The bitter sweet irony of your favourite sports team snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
The sense of accomplishment after completing a task you doubted would ever get finished.
Rubbing a cold tin from the fridge against your forehead on a hot day.

Going to the shops in your PJs

Drinking or eating something new you were unsure about and being pleasantly surprised that you like it after all.
Unexpectedly making a new friend.
Stepping off one bus and your connection pulling up behind it.
Trying out your dodgy Vietnamese on someone very patient.

Wet sand beneath your bare feet.
The silent spark that arcs between you and the one you love.
A dog wagging its tail because it’s pleased to see you.
Sitting on a bench watching the world go by.

A stranger smiling at you.
Being optimistic.
Realizing that often the best things in life are free.
Having the insight to see that.

Appreciating the bigger picture.
Reminding yourself that you work to live, not live to work.
Planning, but only in moderation.
Being prepared to go with the flow, embrace change and take opportunities as they arise.

Not worrying about the past, or too much about the future.
Living in the present.
Acknowledging that the past is no guide to the future.
Not fretting over stuff you can’t influence.

Occasionally being able to occupy the moral high ground.
Being able to keep quiet when speaking out is really what you want to do.
Being able to not be a cunt when that would be the easier course of action.
Coming to terms with the fact that the only constant is change…


4 thoughts on “Things that feel/taste good

    • I think the C-word is entering the mainstream now to describe a truly despicable person. It has lost a lot of its original connotation.
      I don’t think asshole rely conveys the same sense of contempt. Prick comes close mind you.

      You are not the only person to raise this issue. There was a bit of debate on Facebook too. However, I think given the context it was right to use the term without an asterix.


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