A touch of decorating

Apologies! I haven’t posted in quite a while as I have been tinkering with things under the hood of Hà Nội Scribbles.

One of the big developments you may have noticed is the ability to view the blog in Vietnamese. At the moment, it only translates the home page, not pages or posts. Haven’t figured out why yet but I will look into it. More importantly, I suppose, I have changed the font as the original font didn’t render Vietnamese very well.

Good morning, Vietnam

I have also jazzed up the sidebar by adding social media icons to linking to other Hà Nội Scribbles internet real estate and introducing a widget to display the last two images from my Instagram feed.

The gallery, too, has been refreshed with new images. As an experiment I tried out the slideshow setting but after a couple of days I decided I didn’t like it and reverted back to tiles.

The archives, meanwhile, are now tucked away into a drop down menu.

I am also toying with the idea of changing the theme as the current theme is a touch busy and in your face. On the other hand, its colourful, makes good use of the images and has grown on me.

I will take a look over the weekend at new themes but from previous experience changing themes is never quite as seamless as you hope. Will keep you posted.


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