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Small ambitions

Ambitions. There is a lot of talk about these. But ambitions are not always big. Sometimes the biggest impact on your life comes via small ambitions. Here are some of my personal micro-goals and objectives set out in a non-five year career plan kind of way.

1) To be able to fill up the ice tray and get it into the fridge without spilling any water. Some day being able to fill the ice tray directly from the water cooler.

2) Being able to switch on the washing machine while simultaneously talking to someone and not wondering why nothing has happened to my laundry an hour later.

3) To be less clumsy. Not having to wrestle open sweet wrappers (maybe a good thing) or other packaging that requires any level of manual dexterity. Ditto padlocks and swipe card-controlled hotel room doors.

4) To find a phone that is forgiving of people with large digits and chronic clumsiness. See above.

5) Being able to climb or be on things with a reasonable prospect of not falling off and breaking a bone or ending up with life long scarring. Thinking here of ladders, trampolines, and truck trailers. I have also managed to break my wrist pushing a wheelbarrow.

6) To be slightly more organised and less long-winded when telling stories.

7) To procrastinate less. Starting next week. Or possibly the week after.

8) To get fit and less fat by eating less and moving more. Apparently not eating meat means losing 17% fat straight away. But you fart more.

9) To be a bit less last minute and/or winging it in the hope everything turns out okay. Unfortunately, the latter tends to be true.

10) To finish things I start. Right through to the bitter end even when it is obviously another course of action might be better or easier.

11) To be less optimistic. Some hope.

12) To stop wearing my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes it is better to keep people guessing. To perfect my poker face.

What are your small ambitions in life?

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