Money turns billionaires psycho

Recently, Scottish funnyman Frankie Boyle posted on social media that there were no decent billionaires. With a few notable exceptions he is correct.

By definition if you have scaled the heights to become a dollar billionaire then it has undoubtedly involved shafting people on a consistent and ongoing basis. Nobody is able to accumulate that kind of money by being a nice person.

Billionaires are driven, ego-centric and quite possibly borderline pyschos lacking any form of empathy. Theirs has been a single-minded and grubby pursuit of dollars totally devoid of any compassion for their fellow human beings. Yes, they may come across as charming, amiable even, but it is just a well honed business facade.

These people would quite cheerfully stab you not in the back, but in the front while staring into your eyes. They would step over dead bodies in the street. And then moan about it at the golf club.

And this is not some overnight means to an end. This kind of behaviour is consistent and long term. A malign second nature where people and their little people lives are acceptable and inevitable collateral damage. The only meaningful measure is bottom line. No second thought is given to the consequences of quite how the dollars are acquired, or at what human cost.

To put it bluntly, billionaires are c*nts. Steve Jobs was a c*nt. Elon Musk is, overall, still a bit of a c*nt. The history of billionaire-ship is littered with c*nts. Donald Trump claims to be one. A billionaire that is. While billionaire media mogul, Rupert Murdoch is undoubtedly a complete one.

America does not, it should be noted, have a monopoly on c*nts. Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian premier, is a sleazy one while Australian mining magnate, Gina Rinehart is mental with it as well. At one time she Bond villain-esquely toyed with the idea of using an atomic bomb to create a harbour.

With all of this cash sloshing about, a happy by-product is power and influence which is mostly used by billionaires to rig the system in their favour and to avoid paying tax. Excessive amounts of money also seems to make billionaires think their wealth automatically bestows on them the ability and entitlement to sway public opinion to their self-interested world view. And that everyone should hang on their every utterance no matter how outlandish and removed from everyday reality it is.

Of course, there are numerous billionaires who are apparently nice albeit minted people. Some have given significant chunks of their wealth away to pet charities. The exception proves the rule. But it is tempting to think that maybe these people are salving their conscience after having a philanthropic epiphany. Clearly, this is true in some cases. In others though there has been a genuine desire to put their extreme jamminess to good use to improve society.

None of this is envy. Having that kind of money must be a complete ball ache in some ways. I would hire someone to open my mail and filter out the dubious begging letters. Then there would be endless rounds of meetings with accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. And so on, and so on. All of it eating into my time to lounge around and have fun. Still, being depressed and weeping silently in the back of a chauffeur-driven Mercedes is infinitely preferable to doing likewise while sitting up the back of a crowded public service bus.

The one question that remains is does all this money make billionaires truly happy? In the final analysis, probably not, just extremely more comfortable and secure than 99% of the world’s population. Cunts…


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