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Travel & Living in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hà Nội Scribbles goes IGTV

Check out the new Hà Nội Scribbles IGTV channel over on Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe to see shaky vertical video clips of travel, people and places in Vietnam.

I also have some vids on my YouTube channel, so go take a look at those too while you are about it.

Meanwhile, in other news, I rather rashly said a couple of weeks ago that I would change my name to Vinh Bao if England wins the World Cup before 2066. With two games to go, some were saying that the joke had backfired.

As it turned out, Ingerlund couldn’t even manage third spot, going down two-nil to that footballing giant, Belgium. My offer still stands even though will be 102 in 2066. With a bit of luck.

Do you agree? Let me know now

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