Every sentence in my head someone else has said…including this

The Who in their 1970s song 905 posited that “Every sentence in my head,
someone else has said.”

What a depressing thought if it turns out to be true. We now, thanks to Google, have the means to discover if there really is anything new under the sun.

All this was brought to mind recently after a bit of Wassup banter with a couple of mates. Suffice to say the sentence that later got me thinking along these lines was my retort, “Never take medical advice from a man who carries his sandwiches around in a child’s lunch box.”

It was, even if I say so myself, a good crack. To get it, though, you definitely had to be there and appreciate the context. Anyway, later it struck me, when taken out of context, the sentence sounded astonishingly peculiar. Had it been written before?

I was not completely convinced that would be the case. A number of years ago I was writing an article for a small business e-commerce web site about content you shouldn’t put on your website. Widgets and scripts that added little real value, but were merely flashy distractions from the task at hand, selling things. For a headline I was pleased when I came up with, “Weapons of mass distraction.”

A quick check on Google revealed that a couple of thousand people had already had this particular brainwave. Talk about your bubble being burst.

So let’s find out about Lunch Box man.

To get the most accurate results I included quote marks. So there you have it. No one has ever written that sentence before. According to Google at any rate.

The Who, it turns, out are wrong. There are new ideas. Just make sure it’s a long sentence and remember to use quote marks.

What does this all prove? Who knows? 
In place of a well-thought out conclusion here’s The Who instead.


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