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Where were you?

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. I had barely turned five at the time but distinctly remember history being made in front of my young eyes.

I had celebrated my birthday just two months earlier and that day we were visiting relatives. We drove there in my father’s elderly Triumph Herald, a two-tone black and white model. I am not certain about this detail as he had two Heralds one after another, but my money is on the first one.

Anyway, what I remember is being outside in the back garden playing with my second cousin and my brother when suddenly our horsing about was interrupted by an adult telling us to come inside to watch something important on TV. This alone struck me as odd as we were usually being chased outside to play.

Anyway, we trudged in, not a clue what was going on and plonked ourselves in front of the TV. Also black and white, and sat transfixed as Neil Armstrong made his way down the lunar module’s ladder to utter those famous words. Even at that young age, I realised we had just witnessed something earth-shatteringly important.

Then we had juice and biscuits.

UPDATE – After consulting with various relatives, I have either got the wrong address (they didn’t move where I had in mind until 1971) or the wrong Apollo mission (one grainy guy climbed down a ladder looks pretty much the same as the next). To be continued…

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