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Going dotty in Vietnam

I have thought about buying a proper domain name for Ha Noi Scribbles. So far, that is how far it has got…thinking. Clearly, you don’t rush into these things.

As pure and utter displacement behavior – and to avoid arguably unnecessary expense and long-term domain name renewal hassle – I have decided, in my wisdom, it would be far easier to come up with a cover story to explain away Hanoi177, a handle that was suggested by WordPress when creating the blog back in 2016.

From now on, right, if anyone asks about the name in the address bar, Hanoi177 refers to the number of people with the surname Nguyen within a half kilometre radius of wherever you happen to be in Hanoi. One hundred and seventy-seven Nguyens may actually be conservative.

At the risk of tempting domain name hijacking, various Ha Noi Scribbles domain names are available though. But which domain name extension to choose? Should I go dot com or dot vn? The latter seems to be relatively expensive. Or would dot net or dot info be better? Or should I go for something a bit funkier – and probably more expensive – than that, like dot me (hanoiscribbles.me) or dot buzz or dot online? Both of these have less recognition among web users, however.

Ultimately, it’s an utter minefield I don’t need to walk through quite yet. As far as I can see the only advantage of having a dedicated domain is primarily to monetize your blog. And possibly to be taken slightly more seriously than residing at .wordpress.com.

* As a footnote, I also own onlinewords.co.uk in case anyone is interested in buying it. Currently, it points here.

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