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Anybody can write, not everyone’s read

Blogging is a juggling act; an eternal judgement call between writing stuff when you have something to say and adding content to keep things ticking over. What is beyond doubt is that blogs are insatiable for content.

Personally, I am trying to do both. I post stuff then wait to see the hits trailing off and then post again. Hopefully, the gaps between posts are sufficiently long for me to be struck by my muse.

I kicked off Hanoi Scribbles in March 2016 and have been feeding it content ever since. Usually, I find that Hanoi and Vietnam are rich subject matter, and I have always had something I wanted to say.

Initially, I was writing for my own amusement, and as a little showcase for my musings on life in Hanoi. Quite often this involved writing about buses as it turned out. I shied away from writing fillers just to keep interest going and pick up likes and comments from other bloggers.

However, once you start paying close attention to site stats and take the conscious decision to be more consistent with your publishing, the occasional riff becomes inevitable as you don’t like seeing ‘zero views today’.

Many people, usually those with no creative bent, seem to think you can turn on your creative muse like a tap. It is, they say, just writing and anybody can do that. Yes, everybody can write, but not everyone is read.

It’s like comparing your kid’s Plasticine model from school to Michelangelo’s David. Or a Shetland Pony to a racehorse. A Toyota pickup to a Ferrari. They all do the same thing but are literally poles apart.

At heart, though, I like to think I am writing for myself, as opposed to merely posting for the sake of posting. On the whole, I think I have achieved that, even if some of my posts are a collection of jokes that make me – and hopefully others – laugh. Life is absurd, and isn’t that what is at the core of humour and the human condition?

Do you agree? Let me know now

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