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Time for a refresh?

UPDATE: This is the new theme. What do you think?

A new year is almost upon us. Time, methinks, to refresh the look and feel of Hà Nội Scribbles as I have been using the current theme for quite a long time.

It was chosen, mainly, for its ability to render Vietnamese script. This theme, called Ideation and Intent, does a very good job; others were truly ghastly in comparison. However, like most things, it’s good to freshen things up a little now and then.

While the current theme has served me well, I rather think that it has reached the end of its shelf life. And, taking a step back, it does look rather “in your face” and busy. I am now looking for a theme that’s cleaner, subtle and contemporary. So look out soon, possibly later this weekend, for big changes in the by now rather familiar appearance of Hà Nội Scribbles, a blog that’s ostensibly about travel in Vietnam, amongst other things.

I am also tinkering with Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor. It’s had an update and, for me, is now much less impenetrable than before. I am now considering being a late adopter. In reality, though, the Classic Editor is clean, dirty and fast, and does everything I need for now.

One thing I won’t be ditching in this makeover is the Hà Nội Scribbles header banner. I very much doubt I will top that image as a visual means of summing up what Hà Nội Scribbles is all about. Never say never, though.

* Just noticed the blog has gone through 20,000 views. Not too shabby.

One comment on “Time for a refresh?

  1. Hanoi Scribbles
    December 22, 2019

    test comment


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