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Travel & Living in Hanoi, Vietnam

Indecision is a theme

After much humming and hawing, I have finally decided on the Suburbia WordPress theme for the new look Hanoi Scribbles blog.

However, the decision took some time. I looked at a number of themes and narrowed them down to a shortlist of eight. (Though, to be honest, the theme I really liked was $125.) In the end, a further sift of the shortlist took this number down to four.

Like most people, I suspect, I still couldn’t make a final decision so I ended up trying out one theme at random, tinkering with it for a while, deciding against it, moving onto the next theme and repeating the whole process. Just when I thought I had a definitive answer, I changed my mind and went back to Ideation and Intent, the original theme. That lasted about an hour and then it was activating Suburbia once more and sticking with it.

Since then I have been refining the look and feel. I have changed the background image to the original Hanoi Scribbles header image of the graffiti wall and this was a big improvement on the default solid colour background. This, though, threw up another challenge, the site avatar was the same graffiti wall image, which looked a touch overpowering.

To travel hopefully

I then had a brain wave and searched for the nearest property with the number 177 to tie in with the address in the browser bar. (See my previous post about this.) Using Google Maps, I discovered there was a 177 not ten minutes walk away.

I set out in the hope the building had a number I could easily photograph. Fortunately, the property did have a lovely blue and white sign I could access easily. I walked home with the thought I could probably have found a suitable house sign in Google Images.

Still, it was a lovely afternoon for a walk, and I needed the exercise. At home, I did battle with WordPress to get my image resized for both the avatar and the site icon that appears in the browser tab. It was a shoehorning exercise, but we got there in the end. Here, though, is the original image that’s way better than the cropped-and-resized-to-death versions.


Meanwhile, I think I am finally beginning to warm to this new Gutenberg WordPress editor. Never an early adopter, it looked at first glance to be a touch impenetrable, for me at least. Now, with a recent update, I decided to give it a second chance. So far the experience has been good. All this confirms, to my mind, that early adopters are really post-beta testers for the rest of us.

For now, I am switching between the old school classic editor and Gutenberg until I figure out where everything is in Gutenberg. The trick appears to be not to whack all the text into one block in order to save cutting and pasting later when you decide to add an image or other content to the page.

Other than that, the only thing I found clunky was adding hyperlinks, but I have it sussed now, thanks. Also, if you create a post in Gutenberg, the draft option has been replaced by publishing the post privately. Essentially, the same thing, but possibly change for the sake of change.

* In other news, I have launched an Instagram feed entitled, Doors of Vietnam. Go check it out for #doorporn.

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