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Saigon teacher launches appeal after coronavirus outbreak

Update (Feb 13): After featuring in the UK’s Sun newspaper, the appeal total now stands at £535.

A ‘penniless’ English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City has launched a GoFundMe appeal to help her weather the coronavirus outbreak in Vietnam.

The appeal has so far raised over $698 of the $777 target after the teacher with links to Yorkshire in England cited the schools’ closure and her dwindling savings for her plight after relocating to Saigon last October following the death of her father.

Kirsty Fenton created the appeal two days ago in a bid to keep a roof over her head and raise funds for living expenses until life in Vietnam’s second city returns to normal.

Writing on her appeal page, Kirsty explains: “Since the CoronaVirus decided to appear, not only has the world come to a stop still but also my mind and mental health as abruptly come crashing down. So much so I’ve contemplating giving up this dream completely, so much so that I’m sleep depriving myself, so much so that anxiety and panic attacks have become second nature. Then I think about leaving again, something I know will make me feel like an even bigger failure.

“During this outbreak, it has left me uncertain of how I might continue to not only have a roof over my head but cover basic needs such as food and water. The virus has stopped all schools from opening, which in turn means us teachers are left with nothing. As it stands the schools are not due to open any time soon which does mean basic living necessities will be something I no longer have access to. Food and water will no longer be a viable option, let alone having somewhere to live.”

She says that any money in excess of the appeal target will be donated to an unspecified charity that helps individuals in times of crisis.

The appeal is here – https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak

(Image credit: pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk)

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